Overnight Beer Batter Yeasted Waffles

Monday, May 3, 2021

In the past I've made beer batter waffles, and overnight yeasted waffles, but hadn't combined the two into this new superpower of waffle-ness.

Husband had some leftover Brother Thelonious beer by Left Coast Brewing Co, and I decided to take the plunge. This is a modified version of this recipe

You'll need a waffle maker of your choice for this recipe. 

Ingredients - Stage 1
- Mix this up the night before (or morning of if you're wanting waffles for dinner)

1/2 Cup Warm Water

1 TB Active Dry Yeast

1/2 Cup Melted Butter

1 Cup Whole Milk (for the love of Ceiling Cat do NOT use skim/fat free milk)

1 Cup Brother Thelonious

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract, or better yet, Vanilla Paste

1 Tsp Salt

1/4 Cup Sugar

3 Cups Flour


In a vessel of your choice, combine the yeast and the water, let it sit while you prep the other ingredients. 

In a large mixing bowl - or sealable food container (I use the Cambro food containers for this kind of stuff, get them at Smart & Final) - whisk together the milk, vanilla, and sugar. Slowly whisk in the beer. 

Melt butter (microwave or stovetop) and whisk into the milk/beer mixture.

Whisk the yeast/water to make sure it's completely dissolved, then pour into the milk/beer mixture and whisk until combined. 

Add flour - the dough will be shaggy, but you want to mix/scrape until there is no dry flour left. 

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap (or your container - I wrap - plus- lid) and put on the countertop or on top of your fridge overnight. 

Wake up to batter that is probably doubled in size, if not more. 

Ingredients - Stage 2

2 eggs - Room temp, beaten

1/2 Tsp Baking Soda

Whisk the baking soda into the eggs, and then whisk that into your batter. 

Pour batter into your preheated waffle maker and cook according to the instructions - for awesome, crispy waffles mine takes 5 minutes, but that may vary. 

Serve with butter, syrup, etc... 

I had Nutella on a part of one mine as an experiment, and that was a sublime experience!! 

You can find some more photos here on my IG feed: 

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