Tired of searching for a recipe online only to click on the link and then have to scroll through a wall of text about someone’s life? PLUS a ridiculous amount of photos? Not to mention a crapton of pay-per-click ads – just to get your damn information?

Well, so am I.

I found myself yelling I JUST WANT THE FRICKING RECIPE!

Here you won’t find fancy food photography. I won’t type an entire essay about how amazing my life is. None of my outgoing links make me money, they’re just for reference. No ads, either, sorry!

You will find recipes that I’ve made that the fam or friends have loved. These recipes are the ones that I’m adding to this database for everyone to enjoy.

Some are my own creation, some are straight from other websites (which will be properly credited) and some are a combination of both (yep, I experiment). There will be random links to certain ingredients I recommend, but I’m not getting paid for you to buy them. Here’s my ‘arsenal of well used kitchen gear‘ as well. So not-fancy.

Cooking is my stress-relief, and I just want to share some of the tastiest things I’ve made for the people I love.

Thanks for looking!

PS: Thank you Mom for teaching me how to Cook with Love.

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